Dating with SUSHI~!

Symbol Of Japan—Sushi


When it comes to the symbol of Japan, there are so many things we can associate with, mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, hello kitty……For me, the most attractive one is definitely sushi, a representative cuisine of Japan. I have to admit that I am a food admirer. To me, travelling is not just going from places to places, taking pictures and posting them on Instagram; it is an enjoyable experience through searching good eats I can’t find at home. When the first time I watched Shinya Shokudo, a drama talking about cooking, I was so impressed that how a chef can make the tiny sushi like an art.


The Story Behind Sushi

The term sushi literally means “sour-tasting”, which is a reflection of its historic origin as a fermented food. The oldest form of sushi in Japan, narezushi, is still made by wrapping fish in soured fermenting rice. Nowadays sushi is defined as a dish containing rice which has been prepared with sushi vinegar.

sushi          su1         33           su2

There are many different types of sushi. Some popular ones are:

temaki lnari nigiri norimaki

From left to right

  • temaki — hand rolls which are cones made of seaweed and filled with sushi rice, seafood and vegetables
  • lnari — an inexpensive type of sushi which rice is filled into deep fried tofu bags
  • nigiri — consisting of rice with fresh fish pressed on top
  • norimaki — rolls prepared “inside out” are very popular outside of Japan, but rarely found in Japan

What You Might Don’t Know About Sushi

As sushi is a culinary export to the worldwide, many people may just label to it: cheap, fast and convenient. Although it is true, sushi obviously hides more than it shows. Even in Japan, sushi is a bit of a delicacy and it can run up bills into tens of thousands of yen!!


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