Enjoy Matcha At Nana’s Green Tea Cafe

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe — melting by Matcha

When visiting Japan for the first time, the ‘Tokyo Sky Tree’ has obviously become one of the biggest destinations for international tourists. And after finished, you must be eager to take a break and have a great afternoon teatime right? Don’t be hesitated to get into Nana’s Green Tea Cafe if you are a big fan of matcha! Nana’s Green Tea is a kind of niche cafe that famous for drinks and desserts made from Japanese traditional matcha (green tea). It is a popular matcha chain established 14 years ago in Japan and nowadays it was called the “STARBUCKS OF JAPAN”.



Concept of Modern Japanese Tea House

The warm atmosphere woods, and well-ventilated white curtain reflect a classic Japanese style. Each table is separated with white thin curtain. It is a very stylish place and you can feel their concept: the modern Japanese Tea House.


When you walk inside and looked at the menu, you might feel quite confused because there were only Japanese words on it. But don’t worry because the pictures there are vivid and really attracted so there is no barrier between the communications of FOOD all over the world!

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Dating with SUSHI~!

Symbol Of Japan—Sushi


When it comes to the symbol of Japan, there are so many things we can associate with, mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, hello kitty……For me, the most attractive one is definitely sushi, a representative cuisine of Japan. I have to admit that I am a food admirer. To me, travelling is not just going from places to places, taking pictures and posting them on Instagram; it is an enjoyable experience through searching good eats I can’t find at home. When the first time I watched Shinya Shokudo, a drama talking about cooking, I was so impressed that how a chef can make the tiny sushi like an art.

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